Our Rooms

Our Rooms at Diva's Delights

Room One Diva's Delight

Room one

Room one is Diva's coziest room with a TV to get customers warmed up and a shower.

Stoke on trents top massage parlour

Room Two

Room two is Diva's VIP room, equipped with a Jacuzzi.

Room 3 Diva's

Room Three

Diva's room three is one of the most spacious, complete with a TV, and double rain maker shower.

Stoke on trents top massage parlour

Room Four

Room four is Diva's S&M room, our Mistress operates from this room.  The room has plenty for the S&M enthusiast to be entertained.

Room 5 Diva's

Room Five

Diva's room five is our most luxurious room.  Equipped with a shower and TV to get you in the mood and warmed up.

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